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Paul Martel has been doing humanitarian work in Central South America for over 20 years. He is also the founder and President of YHB Investment Advisors, Inc. in West Hartford, CT.  In 2003, Paul began leading surgical missions to Ecuador. In 2005, he traveled to the city of Riobamba in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes and the center of life for the Puruha people.  So began a now 15 year love affair with the region, its indigenous people and their culture.  In 2007, Paul founded a small clinic which has now grown to a four-story medical and ambulatory surgical center offering care to the poor in over 14 medical specialties.  In 2012, Paul formed the foundation FIBUSPAM in Ecuador to facilitate his work there.  In 2013, Paul formed his U.S. foundation, PACH, to support his work in Ecuador.


FIBUSPAM, PACH, and their hundreds of partners have provided care to and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and adults throughout Ecuador.  They have facilitated travel for many seriously ill or injured children for urgent surgical care here in the U.S. with partners like the Shriners Hospitals for Children. 


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For years, Paul has wanted to share some of the unique cultural themes of Andean life and some of the unique realities they face as a people.  This book was three years in the making and was born of a gift of an ancient artifact given to Paul by his dear friend Max (the real Max!) who is a Shaman, a chiropractic physician and great humanitarian.  Paul is thrilled to share a bit of Andean thought, culture and spirit through this book.

author photo.jpg
Paul pictured with a young Colombian refugee in northern Ecuador.
Paul is pictured here with the clinic’s first surgical patient with exec. director David Guacho.

Paul is grateful to talented cover artist, Chris O’Herron, for his beautiful depiction of an Andean scene with hidden images of the important carved symbols discussed in the book.  Thank you Chris!


A huge thank you as well to illustrator, Cory Jones, for bringing the lovable Max to life and making the book more fun for children. Thank you Cory!

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