For teachers, educators, or home-schoolers, the book, with Max’s help, introduces and reinforces several fun concepts to help children of all ages connect to our planet and its "First People." 


  • That the earth supports many cultures who have unique languages, skin colors, customs, clothing and food. 

  • That people live in all directions of a compass.

  • How the basic elements in our world work together to support life.

  • That time brings slow but dramatic change to the earth.

  • That despite our different cultures, we all share the same planet and environment.

  • That there are groups of people called First People. 

  • That there was a time when humans did not have an alphabet.

  • That we are connected to others around the globe, to our planet, our environment and the First People who came before us.

  • The Spanish language version can support Spanish language education at many grade levels.

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¡Mira! ¡Este libro está disponible en español!

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